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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Heisman Unhopeful

We've all seen the signs. Whether you're driving down I-95, riding the subway, or walking around campus, Temple football signs with the heading "Hunt for the Heisman" are everywhere. It is obvious that Temple has made the decision to heavily broadcast Sophomore running back Bernard Pierce's plight to win the Heisman this season. Whether the signs are a mere advertising ploy or a genuine feeling of hope, Pierce's chances are slim.
Pierce is currently not even a lock for the starting running back position. He has struggled with a concussion and Sophomore runner Matt Brown now sits atop the depth chart. Head coach Al Golden has said that he expects both runners to get a large amount of carries this season, so it should be a challenge for Pierce just to repeat his performance last season, where he had 236 carries and averaged over 113 yards per game.

Even if Pierce manages to repeat last season or even excel beyond it, he is still an outside shot for Heisman contention.
The Heisman selection panel has shown us in the past that it does not merely look at statistics as its sole criteria, it considers other aspects as well. The past twenty Heisman trophy winners have all hailed from Major conferences (ACC, Big 10, Big 12, SEC, Pac 10), so it is obvious that strength of schedule plays a large role in the panel's decision.
So, Pierce, a runner who will split carries and plays in the MAC, has a slim to none chance of being in Heisman contention this year. Despite all of Temple's advertising, Pierce's plight remains unhopeful.

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