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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Where Does the Phillies' Loss Rank?

In a 2008 article, 100 Years and 100 Heartbreaks, Sports Illustrated ranked the 2002 NFC Championship game against the Buccanneers the worst loss in Philadelphia sports history. 
Where does the 2010 NLCS Game 6 loss to the San Francisco Giants rank?
In the lists section of this blog, I put the series loss as the fifth worst in the history of Philadelphia sports.
Post your opinions in the comments section below.


  1. the 97 NHL finals deserve a spot here, for the simple fact, it looked like everything was going the Flyers way, and bang, a sweep. Also, game 7 of the 04 Eastern Conference finals. The 01 NBA finals, I don't think should be on. Flip 1 and 2 imo. Years of using TB as fodder in the playoffs and they beat us

  2. The 2001 Sixers run absolutely belongs on here. That was arguably the one team over the past twenty years who captured the heart of the city the most. They have a record at the Daily News for most consecutive front page stories on the same topic. We run through the Eastern conference while the Lakers sweep all of their opponents, AND THEN WIN GAME 1 against them! To lose four in a row after that was heartbreaking. I considered the 97 cup along with the 87 cup, which went to Game 7, but to lost three in a row in 95 to our most hated rivals, the Devils, had to be demoralizing. Last year's finals was a cinderella run that seemed to be marked by destiny before Kane sends a pass towards the circle that somehow went in the net.

  3. Maybe its just me, really didn't think much of the 01 sixers. I still don't believe that Kane scored, maybe I don't want to believe.

    Can we also get the 1980 Super Bowl, the one vs the Raiders on a honorable mention

  4. Honorable mention includes..
    -the '97 Stanley Cup Finals
    -the '87 Stanley Cup Finals
    -the 1980 Super Bowl
    -the Fog Bowl
    -the 1983 World Series
    -the 2001 and 2003 NFC Championship game losses

  5. 6 ahead of 5 because it was the fucking Yankees and the World Series..